The Porting Project

  converts 100% of SAL code increases the ROI of long serving legacy software assets enables smart-clients and real time web applications is risk free!

XEN Connect is the Porting Project's Premium Porting Partner for Australia and New Zealand.

The Porting Project helps companies around the world to safely, rapidly and efficiently modernise their valuable legacy Gupta SQLWindows/Team Developer, VB6 and xBase (like dBase, Visual Objects, FoxPro, XBase++, (x)Harbour, Vulcan.NET or Clipper) applications in Microsoft .NET.

Over the years, we have converted thousands of Gupta/Centura/Unify SAL applications and many thousands of reports to Microsoft .NET and C# or VB.NET at a fraction of the time and cost of a total rewrite. Applications may continue as client server applications (WinForms) or recreated as real time web solutions.

The Porting Project also delivers a tool set and services to turn existing .NET WinForms desktop application into modern real-time web systems.

Applications of any size and complexity, that would be impossible to move to the web with any other technology, can now become real-time web applications, and still optionally run as desktop apps.

It is worthwhile mentioning that all of our projects were delivered on time and on budget.


eXtended Enterprise

XEN Connect is also the supplier of the X-En Management System.

The functionality of XEN Connect's software and its management capabilities span CRM, Membership and Association management, Event management, Course management, Skills Assessment, Distribution including online sales, procurement and inventory control; Field Force Automation, Accounting/Finance, as well as tailored business applications designed specifically to meet the varied needs of organisations large and small. Our customers choose to work with us not only because our technology is more flexible and comprehensive, but also because they value our level of commitment. XEN Connect is sincerely looking out for the best interest of its customers, is dedicated to continued innovation, and will truly be a long-term partner. This is our focus.