The Box :)
    Your WinForm Apps By Evolving Them To REAL TIME WEB systems
    Appealing user interfaces
    using Visual Studio
    (WYSIWYG) form designer
    Browser-independent HTML5
    Includes everything needed for enterprise-scale web development
    Pixel Perfect Form Designer
    Extensive Controls collection
    Multiple Deployment Options
    Privacy-concerned web ecosystem
    Integrated protection
    against classic Web attacks
    Entirely server-controlled
    real-time approach
    Lightweight secure communication

Use the Porting Project's deep domain and technical expertise to quickly
move your .NET WinForms applications to modern REAL TIME Web systems.

Save Time and Money Risk Free Modern User Interfaces Cross Platform Easy Deployment

Turning a WinForms application into a modern web-based solution is usually a long, expensive, and error-prone task. The technology applied by the Porting Project can do the job in a fraction of the time and the cost of any alternative approach.

By applying our technology your business logic remains untouched providing you a risk-free migration path to turn existing C# and VB.NET applications into clean and entirely web-based solutions using a universal, open source JavaScript framework.

You can deploy your WinForms applications to the Web, to iOS, Android, or just about any other environment with decent browser support.

Once web-enabled, deployment becomes way easier than ever. But if you still have a need for client-side installations, we can even wrap your web-enabled application into standalone executable or self hosted services.

Contact us for a free evaluation and see why our standardised approach beats the alternatives on cost, quality, time and maintainability.

Your .NET Winforms to WEB journey

Your New REAL TIME WEB System

Features of our Migration Solution

Fast Development

Create complex Web Applications in a fraction of the time compared to traditional ASP.NET or MVC.

Flat Learning Curve

C# and VB.NET developers are productive right away using a well-established environment and programming paradigm.

Open and Integrated

Integrate most third party JavaScript widgets in a standard and consistent framework - easier to maintain and deploy.

Full Control Set

Includes all the controls you'll ever need out of the box to implement modern and rich user interfaces.

Cloud Ready

Applications are ready for scalable cloud deployments, embedded environments, and local servers.

Cross-browser Compatibility

Native cross-browser compatibility of the application.


Real-time, fault-safe and bidirectional client/server communication based on WebSocket or plain HTTP.

Benefits of our Migration Solution

Fast: a project taking weeks to months, not months to years

Affordable and reliable turnaround

Preserve your software investment

Increase your market share (ISVs)

Reduce support and development costs

Extend and integrate your applications

Increase quality and adherence to standards

Negligible project Risk