The Porting Project

The Porting Project Delivers Tools and Services to Reinforce and Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey by Modernising Your Existing Enterprise Software Assets

  • Are you looking to capture the value of your existing Enterprise Software Assets to unlock competitive advantage and support modern business and technology needs?
  • Are your existing applications holding you back to leverage new digital transformation technologies and platforms like mobile, cloud platforms, SaaS, Social or IoT to create more modern customer centric systems?

Porting Project Australia Existing enterprise software applications are often still considered as valuable assets or critical to day-to-day operations but were frequently not developed to support the implementation and adoption of latest technologies and platforms. As technologies continue to evolve at ever-increasing speeds, organisations face the issue of replacing these assets with entirely new (sometimes unproven) systems or to modernise their systems to ensure the technologies they use provide a competitive edge in the market and, more importantly, meet changing business initiatives and customer needs.

The Porting Project can help to increase the value of your enterprise software assets by providing modernisation paths throughout technology changes. Our toolsets and highly automated services can assist you to move your Gupta SQLWindows/Team Developer, VB6 or xBase (like dBase, Visual Objects, FoxPro, XBase++, (x)Harbour, Vulcan.NET or Clipper) applications to Microsoft .NET solutions as well as Microsoft .NET WinForms Applications to REAL TIME WEB Applications.