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    Your xBase Apps By Evolving Them To Microsoft .NET
    Design fresh,
    appealing user interfaces
    Everything is Skinned!
    Create 64-Bit Apps from xBase Code.
    Fully leverage the
    power and capabilities of
    64-bit machines to create
    more powerful enterprise
    level applications!
    From xBase To True WEB Apps!
    Cloud Deployment
    Better interoperability

Use the Porting Project's deep domain and technical expertise to quickly
move your xBase applications to Microsoft .NET   (X# or C#) Desktop or WEB Solutions

Convert xBase to C# or X# Convert dBase to C# or X# Convert Visual Objects (VO) to C# or X# Convert FoxPro to C# or X# Convert XBase++ to C# or X# Convert (x)Harbour to C# or X# Convert Vulcan.NET to C# or X# Convert Clipper to C# or X# Save Time and Money Standard Technology and Tools Desktop or Web Applications xBase to C# dBase to C# Visual Objects to C# VO to C# FoxPro to C# XBase++ to C# (x)Harbour to C# Vulcan.NET to C# Clipper to C# xBase to X# dBase to X# Visual Objects to X# VO to X# FoxPro to X# XBase++ to X# (x)Harbour to X# Vulcan.NET to X# Clipper to X# xBase to .NET dBase to .NET Visual Objects to .NET VO to .NET FoxPro to .NET XBase++ to .NET (x)Harbour to .NET Clipper to .NET Convert xBase to C# Convert dBase to C# Convert Visual Objects to C# Convert VO to C# Convert FoxPro to C# Convert XBase++ to C# Convert (x)Harbour to C# Convert Vulcan.NET to C# Convert Clipper to C# Convert xBase to X# Convert dBase to X# Convert Visual Objects to X# Convert VO to X# Convert FoxPro to X# Convert XBase++ to X# Convert (x)Harbour to X# Convert Vulcan.NET to X# Convert Clipper to X# Convert xBase to .NET Convert dBase to .NET Convert Visual Objects to .NET Convert VO to .NET Convert FoxPro to .NET Convert XBase++ to .NET Convert (x)Harbour to .NET Convert Clipper to .NET

Information technology is a rapidly changing business. What was considered modern only a few years ago has become obsolete in the current workplace. If you are still running applications based on xBase (like dBase, Visual Objects, FoxPro, XBase++, (x)Harbour, Vulcan.NET or Clipper) now is the time to take The Next Step.

Our conversion technologies to .NET have proven the Porting Project as the safest, fastest and most accurate method of converting valuable software assets to sustainable, modern systems.

We will fully convert your xBase applications to Microsoft .NET and also offer database conversions for a wide range of database engines.

Our current roadmap covers the following conversion

  • xBase to C# or X#
  • dBase to C# or X#
  • Visual Objects (VO) to C# or X#
  • FoxPro to C# or X#
  • XBase++ to C# or X#
  • (x)Harbour to C# or X#
  • Vulcan.NET to C# or X#
  • Clipper to C# or X#

Using our unique plug-in filters technology we can adapt and customise the porting process to your requirements. Our services also include refactoring, SOA containers, Web Services, UI Consistency and more.

The Porting Project creates well structured 100% X# or C# code that is easy to maintain and expand.

The process introduces no dependencies and the new applications will look better, run faster, and perform more reliably. Modernisation and maintenance can immediately be commenced by developers in Visual Studio (and should you still have .NET and xBase developers they too will find the new architecture familiar).

The Porting Project costs less than alternatives, it's safer, faster, more reliable and produces high quality code ready for the future.

Rewriting from scratch entails an extensive, time consuming process and introduces many new risks.

An off-the-shelf solution, if available, will likely not meet your full requirements and cannot offer the same personalisations that have been built into your system over the years. These personalisations represent significant corporate knowledge and know how. By porting your application the value represented by this know how is retained.

Incomplete and untested alternative migration services can easily lead to long, uncontrolled projects and huge consulting fees.

Trying to squeeze a few more years from an outdated technology prolongs and increases corporate risk and ongoing expense whilst simply delaying the inevitable.

Contact us for a free evaluation and see why our standardised approach beats the alternatives on cost, quality, time and maintainability.

Your xBase to .NET journey

Your New System

Benefits of our Migration Solution

Fast: a project taking weeks to months, not months to years

Affordable and reliable turnaround

Preserve your software investment

Increase your market share (ISVs)

Retain and hire new developers

Reduce support and development costs

Extend and integrate your applications

Increase quality and adherence to standards

Support 64-bit and Unicode

Negligible project Risk